School Team -who’s who?

The school team have over 480 years of experience between them all! working in a range of Early years settings and schools. between us we speak over 20 different languages and have a range of specialist skills. (from a survey 2022) 

Leadership Team

Esther White– Headteacher

Tess Dean– Deputy head, Forest School Lead & teacher

Emma Furlong- SENCO,  Resource Provision Lead & Green Class Teacher

School business manager –Cheryl Harvey

Lead teacher –Christine Thomson

Teacher for two’s- Ros Paige

Admin Team

Ann Challis , Laura Eakin and Rachel Dunbar

3-4’s TEAM

Teacher in the nest 

Christine Thomson

 Early years team & support staff

Lydia Eggling,  Rebecca Hadju,  Nives Zanouzi, Michelle Botterill-Lynch,

Kelly Edenborough, Gwen Jones & Cheryl Dann

Teacher in the burrow

Joanna Conibear

Early years team & support staff

Yada Disatan, Donna Egmore, Judy Shaw, Gabriella Saracino & Oonagh McCormack

PPA cover teacher Julie Scott

Early years team Extended services 

Elaine Cousins (Lead) ,Mai Chong (Lead) & Jo Samuels

Teacher in Green 

Emma Furlong

Nursery nurses & support staff

Sally D Adao, Samantha Gillbody,  Laila Raqasse

Speech & Language Therapist

Aimee Farndon

Occupational Therapist


Educational Psychologist

Sylvia Rojas

2 Year old provision


Ros Paige

Early years practitioners
Vanessa Oliveria, Gabriella Saracino, & Lois Brown

Emerald Class Reception SRP


Zahra Ullah

Early years Practitioners 

Cherise Goodwin, Chelsey Ryan  & Andrea Lewis

Jenny Sellwood (Cover)


Emma Idris

site manager 

Vacancy currently


 Venus Chan, Karen Robeson, Debbie Nelson & Marie Camara

 The members of the early years team are
experts at planning the curriculum and creating learning opportunities that enable all
children to excel. The staff have ensured that all areas of learning are interwoven,
meeting the varied needs and interests of all children. OFSTED 2020