Advent Videos and Challenges

8th – twinkle, twinkle, christmas star

      – the very snowy christmas

Challenge – advent 8th

7th – POlar Bear, POlar Bear

      – Christmas Cracker

     – How to make play snow 

Challenge – advent 7th

Green Class

6th – Father Christmas Got STuck!

      – Jack Frost 

      – 5 Yummy Gingerbread

Challenge – advent 6th

5th – Father Christmas Had a Tree


Challenge – advent 5th

4th – Mary Had a Baby

      – Careful, Santa

     –  Santa Fruit Kebab

Challenge – advent 4th

Green Class

3rd – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

       – Christmas is Coming

Challenge – advent 3rd

Green Class

2nd – There’s an Elf in Your Book

Challenge – advent 2nd

Green Class

1st – Jingle Bells 

Challenge  – advent 1st

Green Class