Projects and Awards



Since September 2019 the Nursery has been involved in many exciting projects.

We are training the whole school staff community to become an “Inclusion Hub” for the Local authority this will mean that we can support other local settings with children with additional needs through our good practice and expertise.

We are also involved in a 26 month International project working with Early Years settings from Spain, Norway and Sweden. This is funded through Erasmus. This project is to consider and examine the unique practice from each of those countries and to share our ethos and practice and learn from one another. So far there has been the opportunity to visit Madrid and learn about the settings for young children there. Due to COVID-19 the plans to visit any other countries has been put on hold, however we hope to send staff to visit Sweden and Norway in the year ahead.

It will be a fascinating insight for us to be partnered in this way with Universities, settings and practitioners to really develop our understanding and further develop our own strengths as a setting.

Our EYFS leaders are involved in Language Champions project with the local authority. Tess Dean has also contributed to a study to help understand how to close the gap in language for Early years  Language project you can read the study here

The Nursery teams are also working on the following awards:

Attachment Aware Award-with the Virtual School  in Kingston & Richmond

ECO award

Healthy Early years London

HEYL parents letter

Emotional Literacy Champions

Spark Book Project 

More about the Spark project can be seen here