Green Class Curriculum

Our SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Curriculum is a flexible curriculum which focuses on the development of children’s communication, joint attention and emotional regulation. The curriculum is bespoke and can be adapted to a child’s individual learning needs.

The curriculum focuses on the four areas of Special Educational Needs. These areas are addressed throughout the core curriculum principles.

Cognition and Learning

Communication and Language

Social and Emotional

Sensory and Physical

The core curriculum principles reflect the different areas of learning as outlined by the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

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Elements of the curriculum in our daily offer.

Use of Symbols

We use use of symbols, specifically Visual Timetables.  The children check their timetable during each transition and remove their symbol and travel with it to their destination.  When they reach their destination they post the symbol in a plastic wallet.  All of our symbols have photographs of the child’s specific next step/destination.

Sensory Circuits

We start each session with a sensory circuit.  All of the children have Occupational Therapy  throughout the session to help with emotional regulation and get them ready for learning.

Group Time

During group time, our focus is Attention Autism activities.  This is an adult directed group using motivating objects, to develop focus, attention, and engagement – the building blocks of speech and communication.  Through group time, we introduce vocabulary, concepts and learning.

Snack Time

The purpose of our snack time is to encourage communication and to help the children learn to make choices and communicate those.  We find the foods that motivate the children and encourage them to ask for them.  We only give small pieces so that we can encourage as many communicative exchanges as possible.  Aided Language Display Boards are used to support communication.

Play Skills

The staff in Green Class have many years of experience with special educational needs, disabilities and  children’s development.  Staff work with children to improve their play skills.  This involves modelling and scaffolding play to develop it and move the children on. Intensive Interaction is fundamental to developing these play skills.  This is very beneficial because we know that children in the early years access their learning through play.  We work hard to encourage the children to take risks with new experiences, in a supportive and structured way.


The TEACCH Approach – provides a structured approach to learning often using visual resources. The learning activity is designed to be carried out in the independent work area. These are self-contained activities which contain all the resources required for the child to do and complete the task independently. Tasks are created to meet individual needs,  their skills and interests. The tasks are highly motivating. Tasks are modelled and supported by the adult.


Speech and Language Resources

Speech, language and communication

OT Resources

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Sensory Toys

Sensory Circuit Activity Ideas