Positive Parenting through a nurture approach


At Surbiton Hill Nursery School we have completed a whole school Attachment Aware Award in 2020/2021 

We have learnt about the brain and its development in young children from birth to five.  We have learnt about how trauma can affect the brain and influence our behaviour responses, and all staff have trained in emotion coaching as a way to support behavior and help children when they feel dysregulated. We are in the process of updating our behaviour policy to reflect this nurturing approach. We were able to complete this through the Virtual School in Kingston and Richmond and would like to share our experiences with the wider community and parents.


What is emotion coaching?

This video can help explain it

We aim to run parenting sessions next term to help parents with top tips for a CALM home.




 Make a plan


To find out more about this approach click here

Watch this video  to learn more about why we signed up to be an Attachment Aware School

Here is our Big Feelings  workshop for any parents who wish to learn more