Transition to primary school


All applications for a Primary school place for September 2024 MUST be completed by January 15th 2024

This is how you complete your application 

School offer day is 16th  April 2024

All school places for Reception are being announced for children due to start school in September 2024.

Please let us know your child’s school offer once we return from the Easter holidays, however if you have any concerns or questions please do this via email or a call  on 0208390 2555

Then we can arrange either a virtual transition or conference call with the receiving school.

We are here to help and support you through this unusual time and have lots of resources to help prepare your child for school. Including practical tips and things you can work on to help with the skills they will need in Reception.

School brochure

This is the Kingston admissions page  if you need any support with places/appeals or advice regarding your child’s place.

Key dates for the admission process for September 2024 entry
Friday 1 September Online applications are open via

Monday 15 January Closing date for receipt of online and paper applications,
including supplementary forms

Wednesday 7 February Final date for applications to be considered as on-time where
due to exceptional circumstances they could not be made by
15 January 2024, and for people who moved after 15 January
2024 to evidence habitual residency in the borough

Tuesday 16 April  All on-time applicants will be sent an email during the
(National Offer Day) evening informing them of the result of their application

Tuesday 30 April  Date by which parents must accept or decline their offer

Monday 20 May Further offers will be made from the waiting lists from this date
onwards, subject to places becoming available

Friday 17 May Closing date for submission of appeals to be heard in the main
round for schools in Kingston using the Richmond
Independent Appeals Service. This date may vary for academies,
voluntary aided and free schools who organise their own appeals

July Main round of admission appeals are heard
September Start of the autumn term

Advice from the DFE regarding appeals

The BBC have also created some helpful advice around transition during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Transition info SCCN to Rec

Transition workshop 2022

This is our transition to Reception talk that we usually do as a parent meeting we have tried to answer common questions and offer our top tips and advice.

Starting Primary School