Our Governors

We are very fortunate to have a strong board of Governance at Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery

All the governors make a valuable contribution towards the running of the school. The governing body is made up of elected representatives from the parent body, the staff of the school, the community and the local authority.

Should you wish to contact the Governors the preferred method is via email to governors@sccn.rbksch.org

The governors are volunteers so cannot respond immediately. Should you not be able to email please write to the office ‘FAO – Chair of Governors’ marking the envelope ‘Confidential’.


SCCN Governing Body Terms of Reference


Position & committee membership
Term of office
Attendance this year



Esther White


Head teacher Head teacher 01/09/2018- 3/4
Shelly Puni Parent Governor Teaching & Learning 03/03/2023-03/03/2026 N/A
 Andrew Christopher Co-Opted Governor/


Committee Member:  Resources  30/09/2002-09/02/2025  3/4
Jacqui McDermid Local Authority Governor Committee:

Teaching and Learning

01/10/2022-01/10/2025 3/4
 Jane Colombo   Co-Opted Governor/ Child Protection

Vice Chair

 Committee Member:  Resources and Curriculum, Families and Community

Teaching and Learning

01/10/19-01/10/23  4/4
Delena Williams Parent Governor  Curriculum & families 01/01/2022- 01/01/2025  3/4
 Claire Brooker   Staff Governor-SEND  SENCO & SRP teacher  17/09/2019-17/09/2022 3/4
Al Stevenson  Co-Opted Governor Committee Member: Resources committee 04/02/2019-04/02/2025 3/4
 Sheila Reid  co-opted governor


Teaching and Learning & Curriculum, families and community 01/10/2022-01/10/2025 4/4
Helen Sutherland  co-opted Governor Teaching & learning 01/10/2021-01/10/2024 4/4
Sue McCambridge 


Clerk to the Governors Clerk to the Governors 31/10/2022- new to role Oct 2022

Associate Governors/committee members:

School business manager (Finance committee)

Brenda Wood (Community committee)

SCCN governing body structure and dates

Statements from our governors

SCCN Register of Interests May 2021

I am the Headteacher of the school appointed in  2019 and was previously the Deputy head from 2012. I am passionate about early years and have worked in this area of the education system for more than 25 years. My differing roles have including setting up and running sure start Children’s Centres as well as supporting families and under 5’s within Kingston.  I am still involved in teaching regularly as well as leading the school. I have been at the school for  9 years and have loved to watch it grow and flourish over the years.

  – Esther White, Head teacher

I have been linked with SCCN since my daughter attended in 2001, becoming first a Parent Governor and then a Co-opted Governor and currently Chair. I have seen the Nursery grow, develop and diversify over the past 6 years and look forward to a continued association.  As Chair I am delighted to work with an extremely talented and skilled team from the Centre, it is clear to me from my knowledge of many other Centres and Providers that Surbiton is the place to which others aspire. From my own experience with both my children, those who access high quality provision at an early stage benefit later in their educational life. I live in Banstead and maintain a close association with Surbiton & Kingston through voluntary work that both my wife and I do with St John Ambulance.

– Andrew Christopher, Chair

My eldest daughter attended SCCN a few years ago and I was so impressed with the nursery that my youngest daughter is now attending SCCN. I became a parent governor as I wanted to be more involved within this amazing setting and help the children who attend the nursery to live their best lives.
Delena Williams Parent Governor 


In excess of ten years experience of line management and finance management across three blue chip companies

My son attended SCCN in 2014/15 and my daughter in 2017/18.

We are very fortunate to have such a unique resource in Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery.  Having been impressed with many aspects of the nursery school, it would be fantastic to have the opportunity both to be involved in its future and to be able to give something back to our local community.

– Jane Colombo, Vice Chair  Child Protection 

I am a commercial pilot and my son currently attends SCCN.  I think the learning provision and the team in place at SCCN are outstanding, and we’ve seen the benefits first-hand in our own son’s development.   I hope that I can draw on the skills which I use in my work life, such as problem-solving and attention to detail, to add to the great work already done by the governance team. My interests outside of work include climbing, camping and other outdoor activities.

– Al Stevenson, co-opted 

I have been an early years teacher and consultant for nearly 20 years. 
I have a PGCE with an advanced study of early years and a masters in early childhood. 
My current role working for the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) includes being the strategic lead for Communication and Language Development for Lambeth’s ‘A better start programme’. I also have a keen interest in outdoor play and connecting children to nature, having developed the Lambeth programme ‘ Natural Thinkers’. 
Jacqui McDermid- Co-opted Local Authority Governor