Outdoor Learning

outside area is particularly popular and is a treasure trove of wonder” OFSTED REPORT 2020
Our Forest Schools approach to learning at Fishponds

At Surbiton Hill Nursery School we are committed to outdoor learning. We follow the approach from countries such as Denmark and Sweden, where young children learn about the environment, the seasons, the weather, manage risk and enjoy a new challenge, investigating, exploring and having fun! We take small groups out to our local park “Fishponds Park” every week. Parent volunteers help and the children have opportunities to explore what ever the park can offer from one season to the next!

Our Fishpond experience is closely modelled on the Forest School approach of outdoor education in which children visit a forest or woodlands, learning personal, social and some technical skills. It can be an inspirational process that offers children and adults regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland environment. We aim to create experiences where all 7 areas of learning can be explored in this unique way.

We use the park and the environment as a means to build independence and self esteem in young children. Children will learn about trees, plants, the weather, and the seasons;and experience first hand the smell and touch of the different natural resources we find at the park in our play and exploration. Personal and social skills are also developed, through teamwork and problem solving. The woodland environment is also used to learn about more abstract concepts such as mathematics, communication, and storytelling. The children will have experiences of listening to the sounds in the environment and talking about what they see or hear.