EstherHello, I’m Esther White  Head Teacher of Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery school. I’ve worked at the Nursery since 2012 as Deputy and Acting Head before becoming Head teacher in March 2019. I’m excited to be leading the school and look forward to sharing updates about the children and the adventures we’ve been having at nursery. I also hope to share some early years insights to help parents and carers understand their children’s development and journey through this important year.

Autumn Wonders November 2020

Autumn Wonders!

On Wednesday 4th November the day before we went back into a lockdown we managed our fabulous Sponsored Welly Walk! we had a Covid-19 safe version which small groups of families attended and they all completed the 5 laps of the Fishponds park. This is just ok 1K which for 3-4 year old children was a lot of walking!

The weather was very kind and the sun shone for us all day long! It was lovely to spend time with the families outside and celebrate our outdoor learning approach to education whilst raising some much needed funds for the school!

Thank you everyone for the support

Keeping positive! March 2020

I think we can all say that this is an unprecedented day, never in my career have we had to shut our doors to families and children and say goodbye and not know when we might next say hello!

I am very aware that the safest thing for everyone is to be at home and avoid social contact. This will be difficult for many of you and at the school I want you to know we are here for you even at a distance. Call us, email or send us a card or letter. We wont stop caring about your children and families and will do what we can to help.

We have a small food bank and we will deliver food parcels or do shopping for any families self isolating or in need-just call us.

Lets hope we can gather together again to celebrate the end of the virus in the summer!

Take care all of you and let us remain positive!


September 2019

September is the month of welcoming all our new children and their families to the Nursery. The team have been busy getting everything ready for the term ahead. Lots of beautiful new resources and a fantastic new garden to explore too!

we know that settling in is always a bit tricky for everyone. Saying goodbye and trying new things takes corage and resilience. We do our very best to create a buffer for children to help them take those first steps away from home life and into school life!

June 2019

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The month of June has been all about preparing for new adventures! For some of our children they are nearing the end of their time at Nursery and have started visiting their new schools and meeting their new Teachers. We know that saying goodbye is often sad and can be difficult and so it is important to recognise these different emotions around change and new things. Rather like planning a trip it is important to be prepared.  At our recent “Get ready for School” workshop we talked about how parents can help at home over the summer. Practice new things like trying on uniform, having a picnic packed lunch where children open their tricky packages, walk the route to school and talk about what you see on the way. Keep developing all those important independence skills! This will lead to confidence and help with settling in.  For the children who remain at Nursery they will have new friends to welcome and this can also be a bit tricky for some as they loose some of their classmates and friends. We aim to make the very last few weeks exciting and fun and have lots of lovely activities planned! We all feel very proud of all the children’s achievements this year.

May 2019

May is the month of new life and changing seasons. We have been excited to discover a pidgeon nest in our outdoor space with 2 little “squabs” just hatched. This has been the most exciting and wonderful real experience for the children (and staff) to watch unfold. The outdoor learning environment is starting to florish after some glorious sunshine and a few downpours and the children have been off looking for snails and worms in the mud kitchen. I always feel so lucky that we have our gem of a garden for the children, it really is very special with areas to explore and make little dens and lots of exciting challenges. At Surbiton we know that outdoor learning has the most positive impact on children and that they develop so many key skills by being outside. They can run, climb and feel the wind on their skin; such a very neccesary and important experience that cannot be achieved inside.

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