June 2019

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The month of June has been all about preparing for new adventures! For some of our children they are nearing the end of their time at Nursery and have started visiting their new schools and meeting their new Teachers. We know that saying goodbye is often sad and can be difficult and so it is important to recognise these different emotions around change and new things. Rather like planning a trip it is important to be prepared.  At our recent “Get ready for School” workshop we talked about how parents can help at home over the summer. Practice new things like trying on uniform, having a picnic packed lunch where children open their tricky packages, walk the route to school and talk about what you see on the way. Keep developing all those important independence skills! This will lead to confidence and help with settling in.  For the children who remain at Nursery they will have new friends to welcome and this can also be a bit tricky for some as they loose some of their classmates and friends. We aim to make the very last few weeks exciting and fun and have lots of lovely activities planned! We all feel very proud of all the children’s achievements this year.