Food at Nursery

Week 1

Week 2

At Surbiton Hill we believe in making food and children’s relationship with food a positive one. 

Our Chef is Emma Idris who has many years of experience of cooking locally 

We understand how young children and children with sensory issues may find foods and trying new flavours a challenge. Many children need lots of encouragement to have a varied diet and so we ensure that children eat well by using good quality ingredients and by hiding vegetables and fruit in our recipes. We ensure that food is low sugar and low salt and have a menu to suit children with allergies. All our meat is halal, our vegetarian options are homemade and free from processed foods, also we try source as much of our produce locally to support our local community. 

Eating meals at Nursery isn’t just about the food and  we have experienced staff to help the children learn skills such as; how to use cutlery, being independent, setting the table and helping their friends. For the first term whilst children are settling in we believe in providing a simple menu which will be familiar to the children so that they feel secure and confident to eat every day. The staff will always talk to a parent if there are any concerns.

We have a  “Meat Free Monday”, we wish to be as eco friendly as we can and use fresh local produce. Every meal we ensure there is a salad option available for the children and we have bread or rolls as a side option. We also have “World Food Wednesday” and have foods that will be familiar and reflect our diverse culture at the school.  

The menu for lunch and tea  is on a 2 weekly rotation please see below for the menu- 

Autumn menu 2023

We provide 3 meals per day for some of the children who spend their whole day at the nursery.

This includes breakfast (a selection of cereals and toast or yoghurt) 

Lunch is always a hot meal 

Tea is cold picnic style self serve, between 4 and 5pm to encourage independent learning

At our recent inspection for food hygiene we were awarded a 5





During the school holidays children will bring in a packed lunch. Ideas for a healthy lunch are here