Parent/carer testimonials


“Parents and carers said that there is no bullying.
They used words such as ‘amazing’, ‘dedicated’, and ‘genuinely care’ to describe the staff
and their child’s nursery school experience” Ofsted report 2020 

Please read some of the comments from our annual surveys written by parents and carers about the school… 

We asked them to tell us what we do well, or to reflect on their child’s year and this is what they said.

Wonderful staff who care and support my child really well

Every decision at nursery is taken with the best interests of the child at its heart. It is brilliantly managed with excellent staff who are always motivated and keen to listen. It is a superbly creative environment that has child development underpinning every part of its practise. I feel incredibly lucky my son has been able to experience such exceptional early years teaching.

Everything! All the staff are amazing and we are thrilled with the time our son has spent at SCCN. From the very start we were so impressed with how well the settling in process was managed and from then on all the wonderful care that has been taken of the children, the activities they do, the way they learn through play, the fun they all have and all the little details from the bug hotel in the garden, the library, the cooking at snack time from noodles to porridge, planting in the garden, the farm trip at the end of year to name just a few. We feel that you have done an amazing job getting our son ready for school. The ladybirds care has also been incredible for many of the same reasons. The staff are so caring and have created a wonderful place that our son has always been very happy to spend the extra hours in.

The staff, teaching staff and office team are exceptional. They always go above and beyond to make my child feel special, important and valued. I feel he has been treated and cared for so brilliantly. I trust the staff there without question; their expertise, experience and knowledge and the love they have for the children is without doubt world class and genuine. I cannot fault it. Surbiton children’s centre nursery is a very special nurturing and encouraging place to be a young learner.

My daughter has had an amazing time at SCCN. She just loves it! There has not been a day this year that she hasn’t wanted to go, in fact some days she hasn’t wanted to come home!! The combination of exciting learning activities and fantastic staff is perfect. She pretends to be the teacher at home recreating hello time and snack time with her teddies.

The extended day care has worked perfectly for us as a family and I could not have asked for a better nursery place. She has had fun, learnt so much and been so happy with you all.


Our son has been very lucky to have 5 terms at SCCN. His social development has been tremendous and he continues to amaze me with things he remembers and enjoys at nursery. The staff are very dedicated to the children (all of them, not just the teaching staff) and more importantly it feels like everyone enjoys what they do. I really couldn’t have hoped for a better start to his education. I feel that he has had what he needed and that he is known and understood as an individual. The only thing I’m sorry about is that he can’t stay and develop as does at the nursery until he’s seven.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the SCCN family. Our son has had a wonderful year and has enjoyed his time every day at school. We will all miss the school terribly and can’t thank you enough for that you have done.

We have been so pleased with the level of teaching and care received at the school and can honestly say that Cameron would not have learnt so much had he stayed at his previous settling. In his words “he’s had the best time ever”.

The extra parent sessions have also been of great use and we truly thank you all.

Everything. There is nothing I am not happy with. The staff are highly interested in the children and clearly love what they do. My son has always wanted to go to nursery every day. His development has been enormous, he went in a baby, is coming out ready for school and all in 10 months. He is so much more confident and independent. The activities and events laid on for the children every day are so imaginative and fun and varied. Lunch club has been a real bonus and he has loved it.

We are so happy that our daughter went of SCCN and its good reputation has been proved well deserved. From the first day she was happy and content staying in the nursery and did not seem to find the transition from her previous setting into nursery at all daunting, (we of course don’t put that all down to our daughter but it’s a testament to the way the staff manage the classes and deal with the individuals).

It became clear to my wife and I that as soon as she started at the nursery it was as though she as a person had stepped up a level. She became more confident she was talking more and about many different subjects and overall my wife describes it “it made her start to grow up”.

She was clearly learning a lot within the nursery as my wife and I both saw her develop interests and display knowledge that was clearly something different to what we at home had been covering. She became more interested in books in a way that she didn’t just want to be read to she wanted to look herself and try to understand what was going on. This increased interest in books was a great time to introduce her to the local library where she now visits several times a week.

We saw her confidence continue to build. She now started to become more talkative with adults and children when she previously remained quiet. She also began to display a pride in things she had made and learned to do and eager to show us both her pictures and other craft work.

In summary we are absolutely delighted in her overall development and could not have wished for her to have a better start than she received at SCCN. Her progress is a testament to all the hard work and professionalism that I see the staff and management put in every time I visit the nursery.

Thank you for a wonderful year. I have had the privilege to help in the classrooms this year and I have seen firsthand the warmth, encouragement and enthusiasm the staff give to every child so they reach their full potential.

The team are perfect and complement each other wonderfully. Our son has gone from a reserved little boy to an extremely confident child. He particularly enjoys group time and the activities. He comes home animated from time in nursery and is keen to share what he has done. He often takes the role of the teacher and talks me through an activity or reads me a story. A perfect nursery…we will be sad to leave !

Our son has totally enjoyed every moment that he has spent at SCCN – (as did his older brother). All the staff are so warm and welcoming and I have always felt totally relaxed knowing that he is going to be well looked after and have lots of exciting new experiences to keep him entertained. I can’t recommend this wonderful nursery enough and we will miss seeing you all everyday. Long may you continue to do exactly what you are doing so well.

Our daughter has loved being part of the nursery. She has learnt so much and grown in confidence and made lots of friends. She tells us lots about her teachers and what she is learning about. She has had a great start to her learning and know she had had a lot of fun along the way too!

She adores her teachers. Thank you for all your hard work.

I would like to thank SCCN for all the help and opportunities they have put into her education. My daughter’s learning skills have improved in many ways. Her confidence and abilities have highly grown. I was very pleased to see how her communication skills developed through expression and describing things.

Her experience was great and she has enjoyed her stay as she was always looking forward to attending her class. She loved all the songs she learnt. Once again thanks for all the support and help. She will miss everyone at the nursery.

SCCN has offered us a complete peace of mind when we leave our son in their care. The teachers are excellent in their manners and behaviour with both parents and children and it’s reflected in the way our son is behaving.

We had plenty of chances to look at development and we were happy to hear any suggestions for his future development. He became more focussed and pays more attention to us and his concentration has also improved.

Celebrations of all festivals from different cultures and religious background are beautifully prepared. The nursery educates my son into very healthy eating habits and as a result eats more vegetable and fruits.

I also liked the variety of activities – dancing, singing, cooking, computers and lots of trips to Fishponds and messy play.

Selecting SCCN was the best decision we made and he will miss everyone and I am thankful to all of the staff for their support.

I think we are both going to struggle when he moves to Infant School in a few weeks time .I would highly recommend the nursery to anyone that has a child.

This our second child who has attended SCCN and we have been just as impressed with the level of care this time as were wen our other child went a few years ago. The team at the nursery are the very best you could ask for and all of the children are so happy to be there, which is a testament to the staff.

We couldn’t speak more highly of you all and we thank you so much for all your hard work and support this year. We will return in a few more years with our youngest.

Our son has had a wonderful time at nursery. He has made some strong relationships with both the adults and children. I have felt he has been supported and well cared for at all times.

His needs have been met and he has been able to grow and develop. He loves talking about what he has done at nursery and get excited about all the opportunities he has to play and learn. He couldn’t of had a better experience, what a great start!!

We will all miss the nursery and the wonderful staff from the nursery and the extended day.

Thank you for everything we hope to be part of the nursery again as our family grows.

My son had a wonderful year at SCCN. Every day he enjoyed coming to school and playing with his friends. His social and language skills have greatly improved since he started and I am now confident that he will go on to do well in big school because of everything you have helped him achieve.

I enjoyed reading his report and I feel that it shows how he has progressed over the past year.

Thank you so much for the Book of Learning Experiences. It’s great to see photos and read about his time in nursery. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to prepare my son for the next stages in his life so a huge thanks to all the teachers and nursery nurses.

Thank you all for the care, love and kindness you have shown to him. He had a very special year and I am grateful to you all.

There is a very good reason this nursery has maintained its outstanding merit – my daughter has flourished under the superb guidance over the past year. Her confidence has grown thanks to the fantastic teaching and discipline. We are sad to be leaving such a nurturing and fun school.

It goes without saying that we highly recommend SCCN and will greatly miss you all.

I have seen a little girl grow up so much in the last year. Her confidence and creativity just astound me at times. I truly believe that this has a lot to do with her coming to SCCN.

Your care and attention to the children is so obvious to me, it really shines through in every situation.

I know she will miss you all so much but I know you have prepared her so well for going to ‘big school’. It’s mummy that now has to join the real world! I can’t thank you enough for making it such an amazing journey.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work this year. Our girls have come on leaps and bounds since September and your wonderful team has helped with that in a huge way. They have loved every minute of their time with you and we will cherish the memories of this year forever. Reading their reports and looking at their books of learning has been a joy and I thank you all for all the effort you must have put into these.

My daughter attended SCCN for the past year and we could not have wished for any better care and preparation for reception class at primary school. She attends Ladybirds 4 days per week and enjoys her time there equally. Everyday she comes home with a new song, sign and lots of art work and craft that she has enjoyed making. She first learnt to write her name at school and the attention and teaching from staff is wonderful. The headteacher, deputy head and business manager are all ‘hands on’ and all the teaching assisstants and office staff make it a wonderful nursery. I love how staff make themselves available at drop off and pick up times-at my daughters previous nursery I was hard pushed to find a member of the management team. Her learning book is a joy to read and the personal end of year report was all encompassing and reflected the quality and care provided. I am so pleased that I moved my daughter from a private provision which operated as a business to this small state funded nursery which provided much more teaching and is a real school. we will miss all the staff and thank everyone involved for giving our daughter such a great head start to her new school.

My daughter has really enjoyed being at SCCN. All the teachers have been amazing and she loves coming to nursery everyday. Everyone has been a great support and have helped her development so well from the age of two to four. We will both be sad that this is the end of our journey at SCCN but very thankful to all of the team, you are all amazing!