Surbiton Two’s

Our Two year old’s are setting in to Nursery and learning to say goodbye to their parents and carers.

The children are based in “The pod” in Bees class with Vanessa  and Donna and are getting to know each other and learn the routines.

We like read simple stories like: Where’s spot, That’s not my unicorn/lion/ monkey and children like to feel them and learn new vocabulary (soft, squashy, slimy, etc.) by repeating words they hear.

We are practicing singing nursery rhymes daily as this will help with speech and language.

We like to play games, particularly hide and seek in the Forest.

We are continuing to develop physical skills like building towers, making sandcastles, riding scooters and climbing outside. We encourage children to take part in daily exercise time and they are getting better at copying adults in their movements.

We have  daily sessions in the sensory room, using soft play equipment and therapy peanut ball and looking at the lights which gives us an opportunity for practicing relaxation.

Children are encouraged to practice their self-help skills by using the floor technique in order to put coats on (please ask us for a demonstration!) We practice toilet routine, coming for snack in a bigger group and being independent in pouring our own drinks as well as waiting our turn in sharing fruit.

We continue to encourage children in using their words and gestures in order to express themselves and their needs. We use visuals and Makaton signing to help children understand and to help with communication.

Children learn to be a part of a big group and have lots of role-models as older peers are encouraged by adults in helping us with learning new skills and how to be more independent.