The Den

The Den

This half term, the children have settled into their new school environment, becoming familiar with the staff, the children and their play spaces! We have supported the children in developing friendships, learning how to ask a friend their name and if they can join in with their play, as well as learning how to share ideas on developing games. There has been a lot exploring in the mud kitchen, finding worms and comparing their lengths and counting how many there are! The tyre swing has been very popular, which has supported the children in using a timer to take turns.


There has been great interest in dinosaurs, with the children exploring the dinosaur figures and books, discovering dinosaur bones in the sand as well as creating their own dinosaur fossils.

Following our seasonal theme, we have been exploring conkers in many different ways; rolling, counting, painting, throwing, drilling, threading, hiding and collecting! We have also recently been looking at different coloured leaves and discussing why they fall off of the trees. This has allowed us to match the leaves to the trees they have fallen off, investigate the different colours of the leaves, and even make holes in them using the hole punches! We’ve learnt some leaf songs too.

Pumpkins have also been explored in many different ways, we’ve even learnt a pumpkin poem!

Five Little Pumpkins