School Resource Packs

Please come into school to collect a pack.

  1. Bean Pack – Growing
cut and stick story map
How to plant a Beanstalk pdf 

2. Birds Pack 

British Birds Colouring Sheets
Bird Head Dress
Spring birds scavenger hunt activity

3. Fine Motor Pack 

  • Peg dancing – great for developing the muscles in your hands – all you need is 2 pegs!
Birds and necklace
Numbered shapes

4. Playdough Pack

Playdough recipe
Flower mat
Playdough challenge

5. Bubbles and Rainbows

Tissue paper rainbow
Rainbow science
Rainbow wind chimes
Bubble Wrap
Bubble mixture recipe

6. Weather

Weather Clothes sorting activity
Umbrella Craft
Weather Diary 
Paper Plate Sun
Science Experiment rain cloud

7. Summer 

Paper boat


8. Mini beasts